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What Is Icariin and What Is It Used For?

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Icariin is a type of flavonoid (class of plant) an active component of a plant Epimedium or Horny Goat Weed. Icariin extract is a relatively unknown substance used in medicine. Although it has been widely used in Chinese medicine for over a thousand years, only now it starts rising in popularity in Western medicine.

Epimedium extract (icariin) is the most well-known as an aphrodisiac and as a natural supplement to improve sexual function. Icariin can be a good alternative for Viagra since it works similarly. However, as Western medicine only starts getting acquainted with this component, there hasn’t been many studies conducted on the uses and benefits of it, and not a lot of tests have been effectively carried out on humans.

Despite the small number of studies of icariin, the vast majority of them shows some benefits and uses for a range of health conditions of this extract. Some of the benefits that have been noted in the studies are listed below.

Icariin to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

One of the primary health benefits provided by icariin is that it helps to treat erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance. It increases blood circulation which improves the delivery of oxygen throughout the body and promotes the functions of the organism including sexual function. Besides, it boosts the levels of Nitric Oxide which is essential for males erectile function as it ensures a successful circulation of blood to the erectile tissue of the penis.

Additionally, icariin boosts the levels of testosterone which is also essential for male’s sex drive and sexual performance. However, the boosted levels of testosterone help with more than that, for example, athletic performance, improved quality of sleep and more, which leads us to the next point.

Icariin to Boost the Levels of Testosterone

Testosterone is an essential hormone in the male’s body, and the lack of it can cause a range of serious health issues, starting with the poor quality of sleep, weak muscles, bone issues and finishing with decreased sexual performance and low libido.

By improving the blood circulation in the organism, icariin promotes testosterone production. Icariin is a natural PDE5 inhibitor, and PDE5 can lower the production of testosterone which can lead to high blood pressure, hypertension, etc.

It can be particularly useful for athletes since boosted levels of testosterone help you increase athletic performance by strengthening muscles and bones, improving the blood circulation and preventing clotting and plaque growth.

Health Benefits of Icariin

Except for the benefits mentioned above, icariin can also be used by women during PMS or menopause to ease the symptoms. It is also a great aid in treating osteoporosis, bronchitis, polio, various heart disorders as well as bone issues and muscle strength.

Icariin can help you improve your well-being, but it has to be taken in strict dosages and in combination with other medicine recommended by experts because overdosing can lead to unwanted side effects. Before starting to take icariin, be sure to consult with an expert who can advise you the best way to use the supplement.

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